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Genius Cinema Quiz

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Who was the star of One Flew over the Cuckoos nest? Did you know that the phrase “Play it again Sam”, one of the most famous phrases in the history of cinema, is not actually said in Casablanca? How many Oscars did "The Silence of the Lambs" win?Show how much you know and learn with the quiz Genius – Cinema!
Test your knowledge and discover the easiest and funniest way of learning about the history of the ‘Seventh Art’, from the Lumière brothers to the latest 3D movies, including films such as Psycho, Singin in the Rain and Titanic. Films, actors and actresses, soundtracks, directors and curious facts, show that you are a real ‘cinephile’ and that the history of cinema has no secrets for you.
For each question, there is a clear and comprehensive explanation rich in information that will allow you to become an expert in the matter.• Test your knowledge with the trivia game• Learn with detailed explanations for each answer• Share questions and answers with your friends• Start as a mere ‘Popcorn Eater’ and asnwer the questions correctly so you become a real ‘Film Critic’
With Genius – Cinema, learning becomes a game.Discover it.